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Our Staff

The single greatest effect on student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher. The knowledge, experience and values of our committed Christian staff help students foster their unique gifts to reach their full potential.

Our warm and nurturing staff strive to advocate the following essential teaching practices:

  • High expectations for all students
  • Strong personal connections between students and staff
  • Student engagement and motivation in a rich, formal and informal curriculum
  • Strong, positive relationships with parents
  • Effective use of data and feedback by both students and staff
  • Early support with minimum disruptions for students in need 
  • Passionate committment to personal development


Mr Rod McNeill



Dr Thelma Perso

Director of Teaching and Learning


Mr Craig Choveaux

Business Manager


Mr Craig Anderson

Secondary Coordinator


Mrs Antoinette Wilson

Head of Primary


Mrs Anna Guy

Office Manager/Assistant to the Principal


Mrs Carol Cooper

Enrolments Officer


Mrs Janine Luzi

College Counsellor


Mr Brian David



Mrs Karen Donoghue

Pre Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Christine Nolan Kindergarten Teacher christinen@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Natasha De Klerk Kindergarten Teacher natasha.deklerk@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Lis Sullivan Pre Primary Teacher doloresc@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Elizabeth Sawyer Year One Teacher elizabethsa@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Kathleen Genat Year Two Teacher kat.genat@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Merrin Cornish Year Three Teacher merrinc@scea.wa.edu.au 
Mr Michael Chan Year Four Teacher michaelch@scea.wa.edu.au
Ms Bianca Piestrzeniewicz Year Five Teacher biancap@scea.wa.edu.au
Ms Georgia Hickford Year Six Teacher georgia.hickford@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Kirrily Donoghoe Primary Literacy Support and Extension Coordinator kirrilyd@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Peter Adams Secondary Science Teacher petera@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Brendon Barker  Senior SOSE/Media Teacher brendonb@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Nicholas Broughton Senior Design Technology/Physical Education Teacher nicholasbr@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Daniel Cargill English/Art Teacher daniel.cargill@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jerilyn Chan Secondary Mathematics and Science Teacher jerilync@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Caitlin Chodakowsky English/Art Teacher caitlin.chodakowsky@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Melinda Edwards Food Technology/Art Teacher  melindae@scea.wa.edu.au 
Mrs Jennifer Green Senior Mathematics Teacher  jenniferg@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Scott Hewson Secondary Science Teacher scott.hewson@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Stephen Hurworth Secondary HASS/English Teacher stephen.hurworth@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Linda Jones Indonesian Teacher lindaj@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Franci Liebenberg Secondary Art Teacher franci.liebenberg@scea.wa.edu.au
Ms Guenevere Measham Music Specialist guenevere.measham@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Vanessa Mills Secondary HASS Teacher vanessam@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr David Pethick Secondary Mathematics and Science Teacher david.pethick@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Milan Pavkovic Sport and Information Technology Teacher milan.pavkovic@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Rob Prestwidge Secondary Mathematics Teacher robertp@scea.wa.edu.au
Mr Levi Rosolin Secondary Sport Teacher levi.rosolin@scea.wa.edu.au
Ms Aimee Sargent Secondary English Teacher  aimee.sargent@scea.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jen Sorgiovanni Secondary English Teacher  jen.sorgiovanni@scea.wa.edu.au
Ms Leticia Vander Ros Secondary Mathematics/Science Teacher  leticiav@scea.wa.edu.au