The single greatest effect on student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher.

The knowledge, experience and values of our committed Christian staff help students foster their unique gifts to reach their full potential.

Our warm and nurturing staff strive to advocate the following essential teaching practices:

Leadership Team

Mr Rod McNeill - Principal

Mr Tim Oates - Head of Secondary

Mrs Antoinette Wilson - Head of Primary

Mr Peter Bolt - Head of Students Services (Secondary)

Mrs Kirrily Donoghoe - Primary Student Services Coordinator/Literacy Support

Mr Craig Choveaux - Business Manager

Administration & Support Staff

Mrs Raquelle Hannen-Williams - Assistant to the Principal

Mrs Lynda Bain - Accounts Officer

Ms Amanda McCleary - Community Liaison Officer

Mr Martin Thyer - Academic Administration

Mrs Julie Siebermaier - Academic Administration

Mrs Tess O'Connor - Enrolments Officer

Mrs Anja De Beer - Enrolments Officer

Mrs Carly Mora - Secondary Student Services (Parkerville)

Mrs Karina Brough - Secondary Academic Administration (Parkerville)

Mrs Louise Hillman - Primary Reception (Mundaring)

Mrs Catherine Walker - Primary Adminstration (Mundaring)

Mrs Janine Luzi - Secondary College Counsellor

Mrs Maureen Du Preez - Primary College Counsellor

Mrs Marsha Dale - Secondary College Chaplain

Mr Brian David - College Chaplain

Mr Ainsley Brough - Property Manager

Mrs Charmaine Ladner - Assistant to Property Manager

Mr Paul Varney - Maintenance Primary Campus

Mr Brett Arnott - College Bus Driver

Primary Teachers

Mrs Jane Thirley - Education Support

Mrs Karen Donoghoe - Pre Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Kat McKenna - Pre Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Mon Shepherd - Education Assistant Pre Kindergarten

Mrs Natalie Fleet - Education Assistant ELC

Mrs Christine Nolan - Kindergarten

Mrs Angela Croot - Education Assistant Kindergarten

Mrs Lizzy Sawyer - Pre Primary

Mrs Avril Pollen - Education Assistant Pre Primary

Mrs Natasha De Klerk - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Rene D'Alessio - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Merrin Cornish - Year 3 Teacher

Mr Michael Chan - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Jasmyn Rullo - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Bianca Oostryck - Year 5 Teacher

Mr Ben Ellis - Education Assistant

Ms Georgia Hickford - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Sue Foot - Education Assistant

Mrs Lynne Warrington - Education Assistant Literacy Support

Mrs Linda Jones - Specialist Indonesian Teacher

Mrs Michelle Walsh - Specialist Music Teacher

Mrs Suzi Vinton - Specialist Art Teacher

Mrs Lisa Sursok - Specialist Physical Education Teacher

Mrs Rosemary Tester - Primary Librarian

Secondary Teachers

Mr Brendon Barker - VET Coordinator/Teacher

Mr Martin Thyer - Academic Administration

Ms Aimee Sargent - Head of English

Ms Mirjana Lagator - English Teacher

Ms Ashlee Dines - English Teacher

Mr Ben Szumskyj - English Teacher

Mrs Stephanie Bochat - English & HASS Teacher

Ms Hayley Blagden - English & HASS Teacher

Ms Emily Bergin - English & Drama Teacher

Mrs Jerilyn Chan - Team Coordinator Maths

Mr Chris Palmer - Maths Teacher

Mr Rob Prestwidge - Maths Teacher

Mrs Nicky Ellery - Maths Teacher

Mrs Karen Dybeck - Maths Teacher

Miss Amanda Allia - Maths & Science & Psychology Teacher

Ms Leticia Vander Ros - Team Coordinator Science

Mr Scott Hewson - Dean of Year 9 & 10, Science Teacher

Mrs Christine Barit - Science Teacher

Mr Gareth Barnard - Head of Health & Physical Education

Mr Phil Croot - Specialist Basketball Coach & Physical Education Teacher

Mr Tim Croot - Health & Physical Education Teacher

Mr Levi Roslin - Physical Education & Bush Rangers Teacher

Mrs Sarah Wayner - Head of HASS

Mrs Kylie Hood - Dean of Years 9 & 10 English, HASS & HPE Teacher

Mrs Phoebe Ellis - English & HASS Teacher

Mr Raymond Hockley - Dean of Year 7 & 8, HASS Teacher & Pastoral Care Team

Mrs Franci Liebenberg - Arts Teacher

Mrs Guenevere Measham - Specialist Music Teacher

Mr David Pethick - Team Coordinator, The Arts, Maths & Vocational Ed Teacher

Mrs Caitlin Chodakowsky - Arts Teacher

Mrs Mandy Corkill - Team Coordinator Learning Support

Mrs Linda Jones - Indonesian Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Johns - Science Technician, Horticulture Teacher

Mr Ross Lambert - Materials & Design Teacher

Mrs Sharmayne Haynes - Materials Technician

Mrs Melinda Edwards - Head of Technologies

Mrs Jan Cox - Technologies Teacher

Mr Roger Bartholomeusz - Technologies Teacher

Mrs Sue Foot - Education Assistant

Mrs Anne-Marie Taylor - Food Tech Assistant

Mrs Malena Peacock - Education Assistant

Mrs Shirley Fullam - Education Assistant

Mr Callan McEwan - Education Assistant