A Special Gift at Christmas

The focus for year 7 this term, leading up to Christmas, is on ‘Giving’ and ‘Looking out for the needs of others’.

The students will form groups to raise funds to help families around the world who are doing it tough. They will do this by purchasing gifts for these vulnerable people from the Tear Fund Gift Catalogue.

Phil Lindsay, International Program Co-ordinator, from Tear Fund Australia, spoke to our year 7’s on Wednesday morning about the impact of buying a gift to help the world’s poorest. The students then chose items from a broad range of options, such as laying chickens, goats, safe water and teacher training, etc. The funds raised will be channeled by Tear Fund to one of their global projects where these specific needs can be met.

One of our year 7 students, Annie E., inspired this endeavour through her participation in purchasing Christmas gifts over the past 3 years.

Annie has personally raised thousands of dollars to purchase numerous gifts, one of which was a cow worth $300.

This gift was able to provide a family both with its own nourishment and a source of income through selling the milk. Annie went without sugar for a month and was sponsored by friends and family to achieve this goal. It was encouraging for our students to have Annie share her journey, from witnessing poverty firsthand in Cambodia, through to starting her fundraising back in Australia.

The year 7 students have been encouraged to do odd jobs or think of other creative ways to raise their goal amounts. Our goal is that through programs such as this, our students will be inspired to be ambassadors for positive change in our world.

Raymond Hockley (HASS Teacher & Pastoral Care Team)