About Us

We have a tradition where every graduating student makes their own name plaque that becomes part of a tree.

This has important meaning. Many of these students had their first day of school with us. They know they are valued, they are known and appreciated for their contribution. As they continue in their lives they will be remembered.

That’s the nature of our College. We are proud of our students. For us, it is about who they become. That’s our passion and that’s what we work for.

Providing opportunity

We are intentionally giving students access to the whole curriculum, they will not be pigeon-holed or told they can only perform at a certain level. With encouragement and support, we have seen our students flourish.


We have a saying at MCC: “We do not work on students – we work with them.” Our students know they have a voice and that their opinions are valued, and that they can contribute to positive change on several levels. You empower young people by listening to them and giving them a chance.


Contemporary society has divided ‘hard skills’ (knowledge and expertise) and ‘soft skills’ (empathy, resilience, communication, creativity). We believe it should be the other way around. These elements of character are essential for a life well lived. At our College, we believe character should be developed through real action and not just words. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you are.


Our College is part of concentric circles of community: we who know each other and work together for a common goal, then our neighbourhood and on into our world. We are a school that doesn’t just try to explain our communities, we strive to improve them. We want you to be a part of this good story and we are grateful for your contribution.

As we consider our staff, our families, our students and our mission – we have faith in the future.

This year we asked parents who were new to our College, the reasons for their enrolment. Their responses highlighted four areas.


  • Our campuses are located in the beautiful Perth hills.
  • We provide many opportunities to be connected to nature.
  • We appreciate and work in open spaces.
  • We learn in the atmosphere we live in.
  • We are distinctively a ‘hills’ school.


  • We are very intentional about not being an industrial size school. We limit our growth.
  • You and your child/ren will be known and connected.
  • There is a sense of family: down to earth, connected, responsive, open and sharing.
  • Learning is personalised and students grow and develop in the context of good relationships.

Christian Values and Pastoral Care

  • We are inclusive and teach not out of dogma but careful consideration
  • Our values, which we believe are eternal and universal, drive our decisions, actions and relationships.
  • People grow well when they know they are loved and cared for.
  • Pastoral care, to be effective, needs to be intentional, professional and planned.

Atmosphere/feel of our College

  • You will feel something when you visit our College. Students look positive and engaged.
  • Students are polite and considerate.
  • The atmosphere is positive and encouraging amongst staff and students.
  • We are a strong community.
  • Our staff are professional and committed to excellence.