Parkerville Campus


Learning at the Secondary school continues the partnership with parents to support students in their transition from childhood to adulthood. Through this adolescent learning phase, we encourage students to make choices about their futures, and to voice their preferences through reasoned and justified decision-making.

Classes are vibrant learning environments where all students (and teachers) are supported and encouraged to be life long learners and pursue personal excellenceLearning for deep understanding, learning to be more creative problem solvers and learning as a community, are at the heart of all learning experiences provided.

In addition to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and HASS, students are able to chose from a broad range of electives to fulfil the Arts, Health and Physical Education and Technologies subject requirements. From food technology to applied arts, wood, metal and design, computer studies and robotics and music appreciation and expression, our teachers in these areas are artisans and craftspeople in their own right and excited to share their skills with their students.

Through the curriculum content offered, students are provided with every opportunity to understand their place in a global context so they may become both responsible and mature Australian citizens, and operate effectively as members of a global community too. Hands-on experiences in exploring our relationship with Asia, focusing on the experience of Aboriginal Australians and investigating sustainability are in keeping with the strands of the Australian Curriculum.

Our senior secondary program for Year 10 – Year 12 caters to all student learning directions including ATAR courses, General courses, Vocational Education and Training or Trade Training, with equal respect and encouragement for excellence in the pathways students choose. Our perspective on senior secondary learning is to provide students with capabilities and resources for well into their future, not simply for the choices they make immediately after graduation.


Our Secondary Campus, opened in 2016,  is located on a beautiful 110-acre block in Parkerville.

The facilities have been designed to inspire a collaborative and modern learning approach, with open plan learning environments and seamless integration of communication technologies.

Inside, the design of the learning areas incorporates findings based on research by Stephen Heppell, a world leader in learning space design. Agile classes layouts allow for the whole class, group and individual learning and flexible learning areas, including quiet nooks.

In addition to (conference and lecture-style) general learning areas, stages 1 and 2A of the new campus include:

  • Industrial kitchens for food technology
  • State of the art science labs
  • Media and information & communications technologies lab
  • Design and technology workshop
  • Ceramics and sculpture studio including a kiln for ceramics and pottery
  • Fine arts studio
  • Welding bay
  • Collaborative Learning Spaces
  • Tutorial and Studio Breakout Rooms

Outside, there are mountain bike and cross-country fitness tracks, an outdoor fitness obstacle course, as well as beach volleyball, basketball and netball courts for students to enjoy.

Student wellbeing has also been at the forefront of design, with facilities at the school designed to deliver practical benefits to every individual on campus.

The extraordinary campus provides open spaces to provide a beautiful and creative learning environment for students that will connect them to nature and their local environment.  The next Stage, 2B is due to commence building in 2020.

Future Plans

Stage 2A of our Secondary Campus opened in 2018, and plans are underway for Stage 2B to provide more learning spaces.


In addition to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and HASS, Secondary campus students can choose from an expansive range of options to fulfil the Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Technologies curriculum subject requirements.


All student learning directions including ATAR courses, General courses, Vocational Education and Training or Trade Training are catered for in our senior secondary program for Year 10 - Year 12.

Secondary Teachers and Learning Areas