Constable Care Visits Primary

What comes to your mind when thinking of Constable Care? We weren’t sure what to expect when they came to our school on the 9th of August, but we were pleasantly surprised. For 28 years Constable Care has taught West Australian children how to stay safe. Two actors from Constable Care performed several different scenarios for each class. These scenarios were all about friendship and protective behaviours.

The young students enjoyed a puppet show, while the older years were involved with plays. After the plays were finished, they asked students about what could be done better and invited them up to perform an improved play. This was helpful for students to watch because it taught them how to manage relationships better.

We all enjoyed this incursion and thought it was fun and worthwhile. At the end, we all said a big thank you to those Constable Care presenters for coming into the school and teaching everyone useful life lessons that can use at home, or in the playground.