Dads n Lads Mountain Bike Trip

The annual Dads n Lads mountain bike trip that took place in the April school holidays was again an epic success. Building on last year’s good vibes, this year’s trip was taken to the next level with more dads and lads attending, more locations, more shredding, more carnage, more sends, more pranks, and less hygiene. Bikes were thrashed, and bodies were broken all in the name of mountain biking and good old family bonding. The trip is the brainchild of Mr. Baigent Taylor, father of Zac, Trey & Jesse, who planned an MTB getaway last year with his boys and thought he’d put an open invite out to like-minded dads from MCC. Last year, over 25 Dads ‘n Lads accepted the call and joined in, but this year close to 40 Dads ‘n Lads attended when the trip was at its peak. The secret sauce was a man called Mr. Kyle Quirk. He applied his considerable logistical and organisational might to a bunch of raving lunatics and their offspring and found a way to jam in more riding.  

Speaking of which, this year’s destinations included Dwelingup, Welly Dam, Welly Mills, Spur Rd, Tank 7, Tank 8, and Linga Longa Bike Park. All gems of the South West. Those who attended the whole trip were utterly stuffed by the end.  

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the trip one to remember. Special shoutout to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Quirk for making it happen, and to those who took a fall and didn’t bounce back. We wish you a speedy recovery.  

Mr Levi Rosolin
Mountain Biking & Bush Rangers Teacher