Exciting Developments in Mountain Biking

New Trip, New Track, & New Bikes

First and foremost, I want to give a huge shout-out to the father of three, Baigent ‘Cyborg’ Taylor, who pulled together an unforgettable Dads and Lads mountain bike trip last school holidays despite having a busted collarbone. Between 20-30 Dads and Lads embarked on an epic 4-day pilgrimage to sample the latest and greatest trails on offer in the South West of WA. There was much shredding of trails and thrashing of bikes and all who attended would agree it was a truly special trip and must be enjoyed again next year.

Secondly, thanks to the hard work of students, a new trial has been completed on the Secondary campus property. Originally designed and marked out by Sam Hill and Jordan Prochyra, this track has come up a treat. It winds its way down from the very top of our hill and has a raw and natural feel. We now have 6 tracks on the property and more to come.

Thirdly, we have been blessed with a fresh fleet of bikes; Specialized Fuses from The Bike Stable to replace the worn-out Treks Roscoes.

Lastly, lots of students have been testing their metal in the WA Gravity Enduro and PEEL Downhill series. I want to give a special mention to Chad W., Fraser M., Austin J., Brody S., Banjo F., Kai T., Callum D., Sonny B., Matt L., and Luke T. for posting some top 20 results. Great work boys!

Mr. Levi Rosolin
Mountain Biking Team Coordinator