Extending Our Pump Track

Building Trails at the back of our Secondary Campus!

Thank you to the 35+ men, women, and children who attended the Trail Building Busy Bee at our Secondary campus, an event initiated by Mr. Rosolin (Mountain Biking & Bush Rangers Teacher). An enormous amount of progress was made on the ‘flow trail’ which was re-designed, extended, and flagged by Sam Hill earlier in the year. The term ‘flow trail’ is a phrase used to describe a trail, usually machine-made, that is full of berms and rollers. A dirt carnival ride. Sort of like a supersized gravity-fed pump track.

“Special thanks to Tim Paterson, Nigel Mather, and Baigent Taylor for generously donating their time, machines, and fuel. The whole affair would not have been possible without their machinery and commitment. Also, to Callan McEwan for spending hours crafting a cunning plan to make sure the day ran smoothly and efficiently.” Mr. Rosolin writes.

We are constantly overwhelmed by how generous and helpful our community is to the College. It is often at events like these where people really come together and help contribute to the great school that MCC is. We couldn’t do it without them!