Indonesian Day

Have you ever tried dadar gulung, nasi goreng, and pandan cake?

These are some of the foods we had available at our Indonesian Independence day food stalls at MCC.

The Year Six students cooked and served the food to the school. We liked trying the red and white cupcakes and jelly cups. All money raised at the stalls is being donated to Opportunity International and Indonesian churches.

On Monday we also all wore white and red clothes, to cover our school with the Indonesian flag colours for the day.

On Tuesday we then had a special assembly. We had the Year 3’s and 4’s perform a puppet show for us.  After that, the Year 2’s came on to the stage and sang the song ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ in Indonesian. Ibu Jones then announced the batik competition winners, Ayla and Hugo.

We also celebrated the special day by playing games, including the cracker eating competition.

Both Monday and Tuesday were really AMAZING days. We all had so much fun.

Mia, Bethany, Lucy, and Chloey (Year 5)