Media Perspectives 2022 Film Awards Evening

Media Perspectives 2022 is an evening that showcases the top copyright-free ATAR media Productions by the 2021 Year 12 students.

This event is organised by Australian Teachers of Media Western Australia (ATOMWA). The 5-minute films submitted received a school-based mark of over 80% and content ranged from the themes of humourous, dark and concerning, quirky and innovative, social justice, and informative.

Our Year 11 and 12 General and ATAR students, staff, and a former Year 12 ATAR student enjoyed the balmy evening as they sat underneath on their lounge bean chairs in open-air skies at the Burswood Outdoor Cinemas. The screenings of the films were generally well-received with students having questions about the content and the intentionality of the creators. There was positive commentary and conversation as the evening drew to a close after viewing the 21 selected films. The Year 12 ATAR students completed one large production this year and after seeing the talent pool, I believe they are able to execute and stretch themselves to complete some amazing films this year as they pursue 2023 ATOMWA Media perspectives.

Mr. David Pethick
Arts Team Coordinator