Media Update! What have our Secondary students been getting up to!?

What do a briefcase, clown costume, creepy masks, prisoner jumpsuits, and a green screen news studio have in common? They all reside in the Media room’s magnificent green room to help spark creative ideas for some pretty cool films! Media Arts provides fantastic opportunities for building 21st Century skills such as creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills while enjoying all aspects of photography and film production. The school has recently acquired some flashy new cameras, tripods, and audio equipment to help with the production of some very professional-looking film projects. Plus there is always some fun to be had in the prop and costume cupboard…who said big kids don’t like to play dress-ups?!

So what is everyone up to at the moment?

Year 7s are learning how to compose artistic photographs like a pro as well as the mechanics of how to operate DSLR cameras using manual functions. They have been practicing their skills around the school and editing their photos in the professional-grade Adobe Photoshop software. Their big production project is to plan and create a story using a series of photographs they have taken themselves. So far there are some interesting photos of Lego men, wizards, and mysterious wolf creatures so it will be interesting to see these photo stories completed!

In Year 8 students are translating their photography skills into film skills as they produce their own film trailers. After scripting and storyboarding their idea in groups, students have free reign of the prop and costume cupboard as they set out to film and edit their trailers. A few suspenseful murder mysteries, a couple of creepy clowns plus some more lighthearted high school comedies are in the making… Students are looking forward to kicking back and eating some popcorn while they watch their movie premieres at the end of this term.

Year 9s are taking some inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens TV show as they create a lifestyle film segment for a teenage audience. Want to learn how to pull off some cool mountain biking stunts? Do a proper handstand maybe? Improve your singing? Find some better ways to use time than just being on your phone? What about some easy recipes that any teen can make at home? Tune into MCC’s “Surviving Highschool” Lifestyle Show to find out what our students can teach you!

Year 10s are currently getting a lot of use out of the green screen as we set up our own MCC News Studio and bring to light some important Current Affairs! We are covering some interesting stories about new school policies, the effects of bullying in schools, Virtual Reality risks, phone scams, and even some new research on students pursuing romantic relationships in high school. It’s real, it’s raw…it’s all somewhat true…?

Year 11s and 12s use the culmination of their film and editing skills from past years to complete their own music videos and documentaries. It’s all top secret so shhhh…all I know is there are a few colourful tuxedos in the mail for one project…