Message from Head of Secondary

Zero to Hero Takes Time

A significant goal of Secondary education is to prepare students to succeed in the workforce.  To equip our students to succeed both now and in the future, our staff has identified the need to improve some of the learning habits of our students. Many of our students have already established some, or even all of these habits, while others have quite a bit of work to do. 

Whether it be on the sporting field or achieving academically, we know that it is not possible to go from zero to hero quickly when establishing helpful habits in various life activities.  Helpful habits take time to concrete, and we want to assist students to establish these habits while they are at school.

To achieve academically and to be successful in their future workplaces, our young people will need the following habits:

  • Arrive on time, with the correct equipment.
  • Be respectful to self, others, and property.
  • Do helpful things, for your learning/productivity and that of others.
  • Behave in a safe manner (physically and socially).

We know that creating new habits requires focus and effort for up to six weeks.  As a staff, we are committed to supporting our students over the coming six weeks to ensure they arrive to class on time, with the correct equipment, and only talk in class when it is helpful. 

Last week we instigated a House Point system to affirm and encourage students who are exhibiting helpful behaviors.  Students are awarded House points and go into a weekly draw. The students whose names are drawn out are rewarded with a canteen voucher, which also enables them to go to the front of the canteen line.

As a staff, we have really appreciated the support of many parents who are assisting us in this important process.  We look forward to seeing how these habits assist our students to achieve great academic success and become better equipped for future success.

Time Oates