New Secondary Head of Wellbeing

My name is Kylee Retallack and I am the Head of Student Wellbeing at the Secondary campus. When I say my official title to most people, there is a confused look on their faces. Then I say, “I’m the new Mr. Bolt” and then a sigh of relief and clarity occurs. Whilst I am not as tall as Mr. Bolt, I can affirm I wear brighter colours, and already feel very welcome in the MCC community.

I am passionate about positive education, embracing opportunities, and empowering students to be the best versions of themselves. My role at MCC is not only to guide students when they make poor decisions and develop challenging behaviour, but to promote a positive mindset and skills about the importance of wellbeing. Our goal at MCC is for students to feel safe, have a sense of belonging, and know strategies and approaches in being aware of their wellbeing and how they can feel good as a person in all situations.

One goal of the Wellbeing team this term is to introduce Character Strengths and have each student at MCC identify their top 5-character strengths. Character strengths can be thought of as ways and means we use to express our values and strive towards what we find more meaningful. In other words, it can be qualities of ourselves that we find most important when we interact with people and go about our daily lives. My top five character strengths are love, kindness, humour, spirituality, and love of learning.

Students will be learning about identifying character strengths in the virtues of wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, moderation and temperance, transcendence, and how we can express them to make us feel happier, less stressed, more productive in learning, and better connected to others. They will also learn how to interact with others that have different character strengths. We have started talking about Character Strengths in Pastoral Care and will begin the use our character strengths more inside and outside the classroom. Our goal at MCC is to equip, empower and engage every student, and we know exploring character strengths will assist in this.

Each year group has a Dean of Year, and it is my pleasure to introduce the following staff:

Mr Raymond Hockley (Dean of Year 7)
Mr Stephen Price
(Dean of Year 8)
Mr Scott Hewson
(Dean of Year 9)
Mrs Kylie Hood,
(Dean of Year 10)
Mrs Linda Dunhill,
(Dean of Year 11)
Miss Kylee Retallack,
(Dean of Year 12)
Mrs Marsha Dale
Mr Brian David
Mrs Janine Luzi
Mrs Carly Mora
(Wellbeing Administration)

Students at MCC have started the year with great energy and attitude. Wearing masks in classes has been embraced and it is fantastic to see so many students outside during recess and lunch, stretching their legs and getting fresh air amongst our amazing backdrop of nature.

You may have noticed your child has a 2022 Student Diary with their workbooks. This is an initiative to assist students in being more organized, documenting homework and upcoming assessments, and being responsible for their learning. The cover of the diary was designed by Year 9 student, Sophia B, and is titled, Late Night Thoughts. All students need to bring their diaries to every class, and we look forward to developing these organizational skills over the year.

I am looking forward to working with students, staff, and parents at MCC, and can be contacted at the College via Reception 08 9295 2688 or

~ Kylee Retallack (Head of Student Wellbeing)