Primary Safety Reminders

Parent pick up/drop off area

·        Children wait in the seated area behind the Music Room;
·        2 cars can wait at a time in front of the crossing;
·        Crossing duty teacher will prompt drivers to move forward;
·        2-minute maximum waiting limit, then rotate to the back of the line;
·        Students only enter cars from the waiting area, not along the line. 


·        Students catching the bus must wait at the bus shelter. A teacher will be on duty in this area.
·        No playing around the bus stop. Sit and wait for the bus to arrive and line up to enter the bus when the teacher instructs.
·        Wait for the teacher to give instructions on when to cross the road to get to the bus

Speed Limit

·        Walking Pace ONLY. Please slow down and drive carefully.

Mobile phones

·        Mobile phones are not permitted to be used at school under any circumstance. Please contact your child through the Front Office. Phones will be confiscated if students use them on campus.

Teacher Supervision

·        Morning Supervision from 8 am in the Undercover Area and Sandy Playground only.
·        Afternoon Supervision in the Kiss and Go area and Bus stop only until 4 pm.


·        No Hat No Play – Students are required to wear their school hat in order to play, all year round. Students without hats will need to remain in Undercover Area.