Year 3’s & 4’s Travel Around the World

Sights and smells, tantalizing tastes and textures, music and memories. Our long-awaited cultural celebration presenting countries across the globe came to life! Visitors of all ages meandered through a wide variety of displays presented by eager students wearing traditional costumes. Imagine Italian pizza and arancini, Japanese sushi, Swiss chocolates, Devonshire teas, and French croissants. Less familiar tastes included South African boerewors and koeksisters or Bosnian krompirusa, burek, sirnica, and ćevapičići along with Zambian Ifitumbuwa fritters. Zokoma!

The buzz of excited children and chatting adults highlighted the community we’re part of. One comment made was: “a multicultural banquet – just like heaven will be,” a reminder of God’s goodness to each of us on our journey through life.

But it wasn’t primarily about culinary delights or the myriad of toothpick flags collected by youngsters. It was a joyful culmination of many hours of research spurred on by curious minds eager to learn of other cultures, many pertaining to family heritage. Students worked diligently to prepare PowerPoints, maps, models, and posters, some choosing to collaborate, others presenting solo, all with excellent results. Pinup boards were resplendent with fun facts, photos, banners, and flags coupled with tables of ubiquitous souvenirs, reminders of travels to far-flung destinations.

Chatting with, and serving unfamiliar adults plus staff or fellow students is a fabulous skill to nurture. Congratulations to our Year 3s and 4s on completing their tasks with such enthusiasm.

“Danke schön” parents, grandparents, and carers for your ongoing support. Enjoy an extra sip of Torres Strait Island coconut water to wash down that maple syrup pancake.