Year 4 Camp

With excitement and curiosity, the Year 4s arrived at Mundaring Christian College Parkerville Campus with a myriad of equipment and items for their first-ever camp at Mundaring Christian College.

After a quick setup, parents were ushered off to enjoy an evening with one less child. The camp kicked off with prayers and an introduction to working as a team. Pizza was on the menu and Mrs. Edwards and her team delivered a gourmet selection. No child went hungry that night. After washing up, students visited the kiln that was built by Mr. Nathan Blackwell to have a sneak peek into the pots that were made in the previous weeks. Mr. Blackwell spoke to the students about the firing process for the pots, energy, and kiln construction which lead to many discussions later on. This was followed by a “Human Hungry Hippo” game which was both exciting to watch and participate in. Even Mrs. Donoghoe had a go.

The night ended quietly with all students falling asleep at 8.45 pm. (Insert tired smiles from Mrs. Donoghoe and Mr. Chan here) Overall, it was definitely a great experience for students as well as the opportunity for students to prepare for the coming camps next year.