Love is But the Heart’s Burglar

Dreamy is the fog that floats ‘round lover’s hearts,
Serch Bythol one might say, as love has everlasting feelings
Love is a treasure, wanted by many, acquired by few
Many hath warned of love and pain’s coupled proceedings
Love is but the heart’s burglar.
Those who have it, naught envy those who desire it
Desired, it is sought after
Possessed, it is all-knowing
And unattainable, is strengthened by the crafter
Love is but the heart’s burglar.
Viewed by the attainers,
It is but unconditional and eternal,
Never fraying, never crumbling,
A lover’s partner is their spoken journal.
Love is but the heart’s burglar.
Viewed by all those with a lack of it,
Love is fantastical and mystical,
It is so unbelievable, it is studied studiously,
Unique is love, loyal and never egotistical.
Love is but the Heart’s burglar.

Mia S. (Year 9 student)