Year 11 Horticulture Excursion

On Thursday, 26th October 2023, the Year 11 Horticulture students went on an excursion to Kings Park. 

We began by having a tour behind the scenes at the native plant nursery to see how they propagate plants for the botanic garden and develop new plant varieties. We tried our hand at taking some cuttings of different species.   

We then walked around the botanic garden, discovering all the different plants from the varying regions of Western Australia. There were many plants in flower, which highlighted what a biodiverse hotspot that WA is.   

Mrs Elizabeth Johns
Horticulture teacher

Read some of the student comments about the day.

“I found it very interesting how they categorised all the different native plants with the many plant nursery sections. Learning how to do the cuttings was also interesting, with how they can use the different parts and materials they used to plant them. My favourite part, however, would be after lunch when we got to walk around the botanical gardens and look at all the different native plants in bloom. Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing excursion. I would recommend it.” Kayleigh H 

“The propagation areas were fascinating, and the kangaroo paw gardens were amazing and made me want to grow them. Some of the native plants look incredible. There were also some cool-looking tropical fruit trees, and it was nice to see the big old baobab tree.” Rhys de H

“It was interesting to see all the unique ways different plants are dealt with and all the effort behind the scenes at the King’s Park nursery. The botanic gardens were so colourful this spring, and I notice something different or see a plant I’ve never seen before each time I go. It was so lovely to have the whole day; nothing felt rushed, and there was enough time to stop, eat, and wander around lunch.” Kyla C