Vaping Talk

In Week 6, as part of our Beacon program, Adam Przytula from Armed for Life presented a thoroughly informed and highly engaging talk on the dangers of vaping. Over 350 students from Year 7 to Year 11 were completely riveted as Adam shared his own life journey, along with many other testimonies from individuals who have been impacted by vaping. He also presented information from medical experts who have started to identify the impact that the poisons and nicotine in vapes are having on people’s health. 

Probably the most helpful part of Adam’s talk was the explanation of the cycle of addiction and how this alters the brain pathways, particularly in young people’s developing brains. Adam explored the psychological factors of low self-esteem, peer pressure, and last impulse control, which are also contributing to the rise in the use of these vaping devices. He emphasised the importance of reducing our screen time and finding a purpose beyond ourselves. He said that he has personally found that purpose in his relationship with Jesus. 

Many students were talking after the seminar about how meaningful it was and how they learned so much that they didn’t know about the impacts of vaping. Students appreciated the breadth of the presentation and how they now vow never to use vapes. 

MCC is committed to providing information to students and families that is focused on enhancing their health and well-being. We look forward to presenting future topics to our students that will both educate and equip them for the future so that they can become all that they were designed to be and achieve their potential. 

Mr Ray Hockley  
Dean of Year 7