Our dear Mrs Oo, we will miss you…..

Our teacher Mrs Oostryck is soon going on maternity leave on the 14 of May 2021. We will miss her so much. We are so excited for Mrs Oo to have a sweet little baby! We think she will be a great mum. My guess is that she will have a cute baby girl.

The main thing I will miss about Mrs Oo will be that she cares so much about us all and always helps us when we need it. We are so grateful to have had her as our teacher.

On her last day we are planning to throw a huge party to say goodbye. Our new teacher Mrs Rhodes is a very kind lady and will be an awesome teacher too. We are looking forward to getting to know her very soon!

We, together as a class, all wrote encouraging messages to Miss Oo before she leaves. Here are a few messages written:

You have always been a teacher I can look up to. You are kind and patient.

Zara G.

I love that you find a way to make every class fun.

Clare S.

You are so nice to us and you are going to be such a great mum. Congrats! We will miss you.

Amelia B.

Thankyou for being an amazing teacher, we will miss you a lot. You are so helpful with everything. Have a nice baby.

Gemma M.

Dear Mrs Oo, you are amazing because you have made me learn heaps more since Year 4. I hope you have a great baby.

Jude C.

You are one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had and you are always there when I needed someone to talk to.

Lukas O.

Thanks for everything you do, goodbye Mrs Oo!

By Lucy P (Year 5)