It’s Book Week!

MCC has been abuzz this week with the excitement of celebrating Book Week for 2023.  The fantastic theme set of Read, Grow & Inspire has inspired us all to delve into the fantastic worlds of books, to meet new characters, or to discover new adventures being taken by familiar ones.

Mrs Saw was given the task of creating the buzz for Book Week.  Students arrived Monday morning to discover a giant book open at Chapter 10 with vines and imaginary ideas “growing” from the centre!

She also dotted posters around the school of inspiring words written by authors, including Dr Seuss, J. K. Rowling, and Paul from the Bible, for everyone to read and have their hearts and minds grow.  Each class visited a Book Café to have a taste of all sorts of books from our school library as well as being given a mystery book, wrapped with clues, and revealed on the last day of our Book Week.  

The week’s highlights were definitely our Book Character dress-up day on Wednesday and our author visits on Thursday.  Books came to life with characters of all shapes and sizes spending the day together doing all sorts of activities about children’s literature.  Special mention must go to the characters from Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web and the Queen of Books (our staff)!

Thursday was a second highlight day with the opportunity to meet real authors – Katie Stewart and Chenée Marrapodi.  Both authors took time to tell our students about how they are inspired to write and illustrate their stories and to inspire us to become authors ourselves.

All in all, it has been a wonderful week of celebration, reading, growing, and inspiring! 

Mrs Cathy Saw
Literacy Specialist Teacher