Primary Cross Country, 2021

Ready, Set, GO! Students are racing for a win in the Cross Country 2021!

This popular competition occurred on Friday the 11th of June. We were all so excited for this one day.

Everyone was training super hard for the Cross Country. Mrs Sursok organised a special run club on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 for those who wanted extra practice at running.

This year we had a new track! We did one lap of a longer track, rather than running around the oval again and again. We went into the Black Cockatoo Reserve and finished on the old track. We all really enjoyed running in the Black Cockatoo Reserve, every turn was something new. The scenery was amazing, we loved running through the bush.

Once we all arrived on Friday morning, we were all excited and ready to run.  It was a great day, the rain even stayed away! You could feel a real sense of school spirit and it was amazing how encouraging everyone was.

We want to congratulate everyone for their hard work and perseverance no matter what place they came. Mrs Sursok encouraged everyone to participate to earn house points. Ribbons were awarded to those who came 1st to 8th. Trophies and medals will be presented at the next assembly.

Thank you so much to Mrs Sursok who organised this amazing day, all the parents that came to watch, all student and parent volunteers and of course every student who participated in this event.

Sebastian L. and Clare S. (Year 6 students)