The 2021 Year 5/6 Invention Convention

Do you enjoy the taste of chocolate covered in marshmallows with milo on top? Well, this was my invention convention idea!

Our theme for Term 1 this year was ‘Inventions’ and we learned about inventions throughout history and different places around the world. We have also been researching some inventions that have changed people’s lives, such as spray on skin (for people with burns), cochlear implants, and the black box flight recorder.

On Wednesday, March 24, we had our Invention Convention where we had the opportunity to showcase our ideas with our parents, families, fellow students, Mr. McNeill, and Mrs. Wilson. It was a really great day!

Some of my favourite inventions from the day were…

1. Mia’s invention – P.A.K
2. Ayla’s invention – The Solar Hat
3. Abigail’s invention – k9 kapers monitoring system
4. Jude’s invention – Washing carrier
5. Sebastian’s invention – Auto Teeth Cleane

Thanks everyone who helped us with our projects and who came along on the day.

Lucy P. (Year 5 student)