The Divine Winds

Poem regarding the great ‘Kamikaze’ by Year 8 student Yuzu K.

Poem regarding the great ‘Kamikaze’

By Yuzu K. (Year 8 student)
The waves were crashing to and fro
And soldiers fought with swords and bows
Thunder roared and winds did blow
Much to their disdain and woe
But there will come a great demise
The Mongols’ll see before their eyes
The God of War’s immense surprise
The mighty divine winds
The Mongols were feared all around
For they ransacked any nation found
Japan was one, and they were bound
With nasty chains by Mongol hounds
But soon there will be great demise
Echoes of Mongolian cries
Hachiman’s immense surprise
The mighty divine winds
And thro’ the seas, the Mongols sailed
Blankets of blue and calming gales
To Iki Island with sandy veils
And Tsushima Bay, there they prevailed
Though there will come a great demise
The second battle shall suffice
Savage Hun warriors shalt pay the price
The mighty divine winds
And so the Mongols, Filled with greed
Continued their savagery and made men bleed
They ventured further, they did proceed
And set sail for Hakata to fulfill their deeds
But have they fallen in deep demise
For all shall hear their frantic cries
Their hearts with fear, eyes with surprise
The great, strong divine winds
‘Hither, brothers! There they are!
Weak rats of Nippon are not far!’
Two fierce empires about to spar
When unforeseeably, ‘Something’s quite bizarre’.
The waves doth tremor and the sea doth rise
The breeze doth morph to a nasty surprise
Here it is, before your eyes
The mighty divine winds
The great wind monster devoured the fleet
The waves drowned out the Mongols’ bleats
Ships and boats were morphed to useless sheets
Of measly debris upon the sea
The Mongol Huns hath paid the price
With their feral troops’ frenetic cries
Nippon is free, all thanks to thee
Our mighty divine winds