Year 6 Albany Camp

This year, due to Covid-19 and all the restrictions, the year 6’s will not be able to go on the ‘Eastern States Trip’. Despite the border closure putting a damper on what is the most anticipated trip in Primary School, MCC still found a way for the Year 6 students to have a camp.

The year 6 classes will go down to Albany by a private bus and stay at a camp called “Camp Quaranup”. They will do things like kayaking, archery, hiking, and plenty of more fun activities! One night we will be doing a cooking activity and one day we’ll even be going on a small cruise or if you don’t like boats or water you can go on a hike, and of course, teacher supervision will always be with us.

Most of the year sixes were looking forward to the Eastern States Trip but I think we are now even more excited to go to Albany because it will be just as fun staying will all your friends for around eight days, but if you don’t want to either come or don’t what to stay as long you do not have to you can get someone like, a family member or a close family friend to pick you up early or drop you there late. All you need is for your parents to let your teacher know and your set to come or leave whenever you like.

Opal B. & Emily C. (Year 6 students)