Archery New to MCC in 2022

The Year 8 Bush Ranger Cadets are currently learning the sport of archery. Construction of the MCC archery range was completed over the past two years and has been built to Olympic specifications. Students have been introduced to the history of archery, the different types of bows and arrows, and the skills on how to determine their dominant eye. Students have also quickly learned the safety protocol and the importance of watching where their arrows land when they miss the target!

As the students continue to improve their shooting skills, they are progressing from standard “bullseye” targets to playing archery tic-tac-toe, shooting to pop balloons, and firing at life-like 3D (foam) animal targets. The students are really enjoying learning to shoot, with numerous requests for opportunities to practice outside of lesson time!

~ Lenora Sundstrom (New Secondary Health & PE Teacher)