MCC achieved an outstanding feat by preparing Year 7 to 12 students for an unforgettable production at Midland Junction Arts Centre. Throughout 2023, dedicated students, some new to performance, rehearsed 4-5 hours weekly.

The production surpassed expectations, demonstrating professionalism, stamina, and grace. Lead performers (Jai K, Layla R, Della P, Mia S, and Noah P) delivered excellent performances alongside the entire cast.

Thursday’s performance was delightful despite initial jitters and slight sound issues. The venue, packed to capacity, embraced the show with laughter and joy.

Friday’s matinee catered to a smaller audience, witnessing a settled and confident cast from start to finish.
The closing performance by the cast pushed artistic boundaries, creating an extraordinary experience. Every on-stage moment and note from the band reflected commitment, engagement, and thoughtfulness.

The evening’s highlight was incredibly noteworthy, leading the conductor to acknowledge a few teary moments during some scenes (but let’s keep that between us – I wouldn’t want to blow my cool cover)! The production was not merely a show but an emotional journey.

Thank you to all the students who committed their time and showcased courage. Emily Chow’s relaxed and animated directing style, Carmen Vasiu’s impeccable vocal techniques and coaching, Dan Berne’s sweeping guitar and bass charts for our band, and our new friend Sean, who manages the Midland Junction Arts Centre, all played crucial roles in the success of this production, thank you.

While this may be the first musical production from our Secondary campus students, rest assured it won’t be the last. Get ready for more great performances in the future!

Mrs Guen Measham
Music Teacher