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Principals Address, 1st February 2021


I’m writing to make contact with you as I’m listening to the press conference update from Mark McGowan. While the situation exploded rapidly yesterday, we’ve been working in the background. I and other SCEA Principals and senior staff discussed the situation yesterday which resulted in the letter from the CEO, Dr. Graeme Cross (parent update)

Our school has grown rapidly since this time last year and our first entrance to home learning. Over 140 new students and 18 staff members began with MCC this year.

We are considering right now and working towards the provision of some learning support this week in the Primary, Secondary, and especially Years 11/12 even though state schools are taking the posture of extended holidays.

This is a rapidly changing situation. My first advice is don’t panic. We worked through Covid and home learning exceptionally well last year and are aligning ourselves for various eventualities that may unfold. This is a hard lockdown and neither students nor parents are allowed on-site at this time. We will be providing learning assistance resources for this week and moving towards the possibility of full home-learning provision for next week should the need arise.

Our work, love, and prayers from our staff are with you and our decisions are being made in the best interests of student learning and welfare and for you as parents and guardians.

In summary:
  • Our first priority is to make sure new staff and students are connected with our community
  • We are working to inform parents how to connect to Parent Lounge and Student Café and off-campus ICT support.
  • Teachers are working on home learning for next week and learning assistance for this
  • Learning Support and Pastoral Care staff are preparing to help students in
  • I will clarify the MCC response and context once Dr. Cross has sent his letter to all SCEA

As we did last time, we will get through this together.

Rod McNeillPrincipal

Parent LoungeStudent Café