YOH Fest Highlights

The Year 10 Drama classes, accompanied by a select group of Year 12 students, embarked on an exciting journey to Mandurah, led by our dedicated teachers, Mrs Chow, Ms Sneddon, and Mr Pethick on Friday, 8 September. The occasion? The Youth on Health (YOH) festival, a prestigious competition with multiple heats across Western Australia, where students are challenged to craft unique stories based on a yearly theme. This festival provides an exceptional platform for students to display their talents and convey crucial health messages through their performances. This year, the overarching theme was ‘Respect,’ interpreted in diverse ways in each captivating performance. 

Troy’s Groundhog Day (Year 10 Drama) 

The Year 10 Drama class presented “Troy’s Groundhog Day,” which poignantly explored the theme of respect. The play revolved around Troy, a character initially marked by disrespect towards those around him. His journey unfolds as he finds himself trapped in a time loop, forced to relive the same day until he learns the value of respect in his interactions with others. 

Charlie the Unicorn (Year 10 Drama) 

In another mesmerizing performance, “Charlie the Unicorn,” our Year 10 Drama students depicted the story of a unicorn who appears to two disrespectful children. This whimsical creature takes them on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, teaching them the importance of respect along the way. 

In Regard to You (Year 12 Duologue) 

The Year 12 Duologue, “In Regard to You,” transported the audience to the Victorian era, focusing on the relationship between a mother and daughter. The performance skillfully illustrated what a respectful and mutually nurturing relationship should look like. It emphasised the significance of respecting oneself and acknowledging each other’s boundaries. 

The day commenced with introductions to the YOH fest crew and participating schools. Subsequently, our students engaged in one-on-one practices in front of the judges, receiving invaluable feedback. Following this, there was ample downtime to enjoy lunch, dinner, and leisurely walks along the picturesque foreshore. 

Our students’ performances were nothing short of outstanding, reflecting their dedication and talent. Their hard work was duly recognised with several accolades: 

  • Certificate of Merit: Entertainment Value (Troy’s Groundhog Day) 
  • Certificate of Merit: Outstanding Characterisations (In Regard to You) 
  • Winner for Best Delivery of Health Message (In Regard to You) 
  • Certificate of Merit: Imaginative Presentation (Charlie the Unicorn) 
  • Runner-up for Best Delivery of Health Message (Charlie the Unicorn) 

Student Comments: 

Mia S, Year 12, shared, “The anticipatory vibe in the dressing room, as everyone gets ready, in fairy wings and hoop skirts, shaking out jitters and rehearsing lines, it creates a sense of camaraderie that is irreplaceable.” 

Matilda W, Year 10, expressed her enjoyment, saying, “I very much enjoyed getting frozen yogurt, playing Roblox, and watching Mamma Mia. The performance was exciting to be a part of, and it was fun watching other schools perform.” 

Alia G, also from Year 10, reflected, “I really enjoyed the experience of being able to perform on the stage with my friends and hang out with all my friends for the day outside of the school.” 

Emily L, Year 10, enjoyed the behind-the-scenes experience, noting, “Enjoyed being backstage and placing props and carrying tables and chairs.” 

In conclusion, the YOH festival was a resounding success, celebrating the great talent and dedication of our Drama students. It was a wonderful day and we could not be more proud of the Year 10 and 12s. 

Mrs. Chow 
Drama and English Teacher