Camping at AQWA

Hello, we are Bethany and Mia. Have you heard about the Year 5 AQWA camp? Well, we have! And these are the 5 things we were most excited for:

  • Sleeping under the tunnel
  • Spending the night without our siblings.
  • Hanging out with our friends.
  • Seeing aquatic animals and amazing fish!
  • Being at AQWA when the public isn’t allowed in.

On the 13th of May, the two Year 5 classes slept over at AQWA. We were with Mrs. Oostryck, Mrs. Rullo, Mr. Ellis, Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Sursok, and some parents. First, we had dinner in the café. Then we got into groups and got to explore the aquarium. Then after that, we got to watch an aquarium-themed movie and hang out with our friends. We then tried to sleep in the underwater tunnel – but a lot of people did not get a lot of sleep! Then we had breakfast and got on the bus to head back to school.

This was the most amazing trip to AQWA with our class. Thank you to everyone that helped and to all the sharks for providing entertainment.

Here’s what some of the Year 5s enjoyed most:

I liked sleeping under the marine life, and the stingrays were really cute.


I liked going under the tunnel best!


Knowing the animals are safe and cared for.


It was the night I will never forget. The tuna never left!


Sleeping under the sharks was really fun.


It was lots of fun because I learned so much. We also got to pat a Port Jackson shark.


I liked seeing the octopus at AQWA.


Learning about fish was cool like jellyfish have no brain.


I loved looking at the fish above me in bed.


I loved sleeping with the sharks. Sleeping with the sharks was amazing! And I loved all the fish! They were amazing! The rating for AQWA was 10/10.


Bethany B., and Mia H. (Year 5)