New Secondary Building 2B

As he screwed in his last screw, sweat dripping from his face, the kids watched on in anticipation…

Ok so maybe it isn’t that serious but it is exciting to think that classes will be running there from the start of next year. Chances are you’ve been in there and seen the classrooms and all, but I have to say it’s pretty impressive. The new stage 2B building makes the third building to the school, with more to come into the future.

In an interview with Mr. Brough; one of the members involved in the build, let us interview him with the rundown on the new addition to the school, saying they were mostly ahead of the build.

The ceiling in the auditorium is quite striking, and the front point of the roofline as you walk in is quite a showpiece, looking a lot like RAC arena at first

Ainsley B.

Ainsley continues to comment:

It is mainly a focal point, it’s a point of difference. If we talk about the ceiling in the auditorium that’s so it looks nice which it does, and the roof is the way it is for the pitch we had to get for the next building, so we could get under it.

Ainsley B.

The new building consists of 9 classrooms, one drama stage within a classroom, two recording studios for music and media production, and a toilet block. There is a new classroom specifically designed for media production and analysis. Next to this, there is a new music room next to the two recording studios

Brendon E. (Year 8 student)